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Something smells! The dragon has been slain... in a way -- the newly immortal hero sent to stop it, corrupting it from within. The spell of immortality, once a gift, has now become a terrible curse as it awakens the dead surrounding the dragon as well. There's only one person who can put an end to this mess, Swashbucko!

Swasbucko is a timing based fencing game where you have to pick the perfect moment to strike, whilst dodging fireballs, spikes and falling chandeliers.

Swashbucko can enter a fencing stance where he can dodge in every direction, but loses the ability to walk and turn around. In this stance you don't have direct control of your attacks, rather they trigger after a short while -- which you can delay by continued jumps and dodges. Attacking can also leave you vulnerable, so pick your moment to be aggressive carefully.

All the hazards Swashbucko must overcome are displayed as icons along a line at the top of the screen and are spawned by a marker, moving from left to right.  While this alerts you to when things will happen, there's till some randomness to throw you off balance.

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Commposer: Paula Langthaler

Audio Supervisor: Oliver Getz

Made with Clickteam's Fusion 2.5

Thanks for visiting this page -  all critiques/suggestion/thoughts etc. are of course welcome!


SWASHBUCKO v101.exe 72 MB

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